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Hey,  what’s up? It’s a bit confusing for most of the users to download previous releases of the packs, so here onwards you no longer need to download the old releases, and yeah RT14 will be a STANDALONE PACK even in future releases too. For RT14 my first priority is to make it optimized and […]

Hey,  what’s up?  Umm… So the next release for sci-fi mod is RT2 and this will be a major and huge update, not just because it will have numbers of the new block, but even it supports and is compatible with: 1. FORGE (both 1.15.2 and 1.16.5)  2. FABRIC only 1.16.5 It’s cool, right? Well, […]

Wildlife could be amazing, see why. Welcome to OneCraft Server! On this server, you can find various collections of minigames, such as BedWars, Build Battle, HideAndSeek, SkyWars, MiniWalls, Tower Defense, Party Challenge, TntTag and still adding more. Also, you can claim your own building plot and show your imagination and creativity to your friends! The […]

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