Hey,  what’s up? Umm… So the next release for sci-fi mod is RT2 and this will be a major and huge update, not just because it will have numbers of the new block, but even it supports and compatible with:1. FORGE (both 1.15.2 and 1.16.5) 2. FABRIC only 1.16.5It’s cool, right? Well, it required a lot of effort to make sci-fi mod compatible with both forge and fabric,Anyways let’s have a look at what I was working on.With this release, I tried to complete the stuff/blocks that can be used for designing/decorate the kitchen areas. If everything goes fine I will also work on a few more stuff that can be used to decorate or design the living room.I have added:1 Refrigerator2. Chairs3. Oven4. Cookertop Hood/vent(There will be about 177 blocks in RT2 Release)And of course, they will be available in different varieties with their design/shape/color, etc. So probably there will be 4+ types of the refrigerator, 6+ types of chairs, etc 
Also, there is a bit issue that’s making things worst and it’s with a light ray tracing bug for the refrigerator and sink while using SEUS HRR or HRR2.1. SO, IT’S RECOMMENDED TO USE SEUS PTGI E11, E12 FOR BETTER EXPERIENCE WITHOUT ANY BUGS. 
I was also working to make sci-fi inventory a bit simple and clean. As before inventory use to have a number of similar blocks which causes it to look confusing and harder to identify the block that needed.To fix this I tried to make a procedure by which when you right-click on the block it gets replaced with its alternate material block, which helps to have fewer amount of blocks in inventory. So, Now with the RT2 release, it’s will be easier to browse inventory… 
Coming towards the compatibility of forge and fabric mod.. You can play or load the same world with forge or fabric mod without disappearing any of your builds. Also yeah of course you can use replay mods to record the cinematic Gameplay etc. Here are few Spoilers for RT2

That’s it for today. I will get back with new updates or might directly get back with sci-fi RT2 release. Stay tuned! And yeah as usual THANKS A LOT FOR SUPPORTING! 🙂

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